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Organic Synthesis Chemist

  • Research & Development (Wet Lab)
  • Full-time
  • Hyderabad, IN

Posted on September 22, 2022

PopVax is an Indian biotechnology company based in Hyderabad, with a primarily remote US subsidiary nominally based in New York. We are funded via research agreements with the Gates Foundation and Vitalik Buterin’s biosecurity company Balvi. For the past year, we have been building a novel second-generation mRNA platform for low-cost broadly-protective vaccines via computationally-driven antigen design, starting with an open-source booster vaccine candidate that is intended to protect against the entire sarbecovirus species and, if things go well, the betacoronavirus genus, including current and future strains of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19. We work extensively on novel LNP formulations and other mechanisms for nucleic acid delivery, including the design and synthesis of novel charged lipids, and are hiring aggressively in this area. 

We are looking for an experienced organic synthesis chemist to work on novel organic compounds, including lipids, nucleosides, nucleotides, and small molecule APIs, who is able to obtain quality results both independently and within a team environment with minimal supervision. The focus is on bench chemistry — the design, execution, and iterative optimzation of a large number of different multi-step organic synthesis processes.


  • Design the route of synthesis for and performing multistep organic synthesis and analysis of novel small molecules, nucleosides, nucleotides and lipids

  • Perform chemical purification using a variety of techniques, including various kinds of chromatography

  • Perform analysis of chemical compounds using methods such as HPLC, TLC, NMR, and mass spectrometry

  • Document all experiments comprehensively and precisely in a step-by-step manner

  • Maintain a safe and clean lab environment while following all relevant laws and regulations relevant to the experiments being performed

  • Help the manufacturing team design and transfer scaled-up versions of synthetic procedures originated in the lab to production facilities


  • PhD degree with 1+ year of experience or or masters degree with 3+ years of experience, with both academic and industry experience focused strongly on organic synthesis

  • Rock-solid theoretical and practical understanding of organic chemistry and structure

  • Demonstrated competence with the design and execution of complex synthetic procedures for de novo molecules, ideally with prior experience in lipid synthesis in particular

  • Prior experience with the synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides would significant plus

  • Proficiency with software for molecule design and editing such as Avogadro or ChemDraw

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Experience with setting up and operating HPLC, GC, and LC-MS equipment, as well as analyzing results from a wide variety of analytical procedures and machines

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English, proficiency with word processing software such as Google Docs or Microsoft Office, and an ability to indepedently conceptualize and write comprehensive reports on the state of ongoing work whenever requested

  • Experience with organic synthesis or analytical chemistry in a manufacturing environment, especially a cGMP enviroment, is a significant plus

We offer very competitive compensation, comprehensive health insurance covering immediate family (including pre-existing conditions), and, most importantly, a collaborative work environment focused on solving the cutting-edge multidisciplinary challenges of our novel mRNA platform.